Coin show Postponed

Winston Salem Coin Club educating The future by persevering the past

Winston Salem Coin Club

The Winston Salem Coin Club has a Coin Show: Postponed
The Winston Salem Coin club show is postponed at the Miller Park Recreation Center. 10-5 Saturday 10-3 Sunday
The Winston Salem Coin Club was founded in 1959 and is one of the first charter clubs to the NCNA coin association. The Winston Salem Coin Club meeting last about a hour and half and is a good way to meet other individuals who love coins. There is a small ten to fifteen minute class on one coin type every meeting.

Winston Salem Coin Club grab bags

There is a $50 dollar drawing for all coin club members and a $1 dollar raffle for all who wish to participate for the grab bags.The meeting is held at the Miller Park Rec Center at 7:00 pm second Tuesday of every month and is a enjoyable way to spend the evening in Winston Salem NC.

Winston Salem Coin Club Auction

The Winston Salem Coin Club has a auction every meeting and everyone is welcome to participate.The way the Auction works you can bring five items to sell per person. You may set a reserve on any item that is the lowest price that it could possibly sell for if no one bids on the item it is returned to the owner at the end of the auction. You may also sell your items with no reserve these items always sell and are sold first in the auction. At the end of the auction you pick up the cash or your unsold items at the front desk. Any one can bid on items as long as they have cash in there pocket to pay for the item. There is no buyers premiums or fees to have your coins in the auction it is all in good fun and you can usually find a deal on a coin you may like.

Winston Salem Coin Club Coin Show

Once a year the Winston Salem Coin Club has a Coin show at the miller park Rec Center for two days at the end of march. This is a great opportunity to find rare coins you have been looking for as there will be many dealers in one place. If you are a dealer or a collector and you would like a table at the event please fill out the contact form.